I’m in such a sour mood right now. My family is struggling to catch up and balance our debt and certain family members keep asking us for cash like we are fucking rolling in piles of it. It makes no fucking sense to me, like really, are you serious??!!!????!!?!!?? Your punk ass is better off than we are and you have the audacity to ask us for money???!!!???!!



personal achievement: i’ve never had a naruto phase 

personal downfall: i had an inuyasha phase

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A small thank you for all the customers and wonderful amazing souls who support and keep my creative juices flowing. 

This collection is open for out of U.S shipping and will end at the end of this month. 

Every reblog and like counts at an entry, there is no limit on how many times you enter and remember that even if you do not get the giveaway this month, there will be another : ) 
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Thank you all for being so supportive and amazing. 
This little collection includes. 
- vintage photograph 
- tooth pendant 
- vertebra pendant 
- urchin spine
- little sun bleached vertebra 
- large old key 
- fabric assemblage wolftea patch/pendant 
- small bit of snake skin 
- antler pendant 
- little vial with a butterfly wing 
- bag of jasmine 
- small veterinary X-Ray 
- rib bone 
- curio necklace with moss and preserved paper wasp
- 2 stamp print cards 
and a lovely dove feather 

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